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Service of Vacuum-Valves and Parts


Repair, Maintenance and Refurbishment (Retrofit) of Vacuum-Valves


Authorized Serviceagent of VAT and Pfeiffer Vacuum
Repair, maintenance and refurbishment of vacuum valves of various manufacturers.


From angle valve to UHV gate

Our services include maintenance, repair and retrofit as well as cleaning, decontamination and refurbishment of vacuum valves of various manufacturers, e.g.:

  • VAT (complete service for all VAT valves except of full-metal valves)
  • MKS Angle valves (DN 40-100) as well as
  • Varian (Angle valves DN 25-100 and GVA-series DN 100-250).

To meet the high demands of our customers from the high technology sector, the assembly work in our service center is performed under clean room conditions.



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