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Agilent Technologies is an American public research, development and manufacturing company established in 1999. Agilent also offers a wide portfolio of vacuum pumps and measurement systems, ranging from oil-sealed and dry pre-vacuum pumps to turbomolecular pumps, ion-getter pumps, diffusion pumps and leak detection systems. Through the acquisition of Varian (2009) and PVR (2012), the portfolio could be expanded.


Company headquarters : Santa Clara, California, United States

Our service portfolio

DREEBIT is Agilent's authorized service partner for vacuum pumps and leak detectors of certain product lines, e.g. Scroll pumps of the series IDP, SH and Triscroll; DS series rotary vane pumps, ion-getter pumps of the VacIon and Star-Cell series as well as leak detectors.

In addition, DREEBIT provides service for Varian's Vacuum portfolio  -> further information on Varian vacuum pumps service.