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Telemark is an American manufacturer of cryogenic generators, magnetic feedthroughs, optical measuring instruments and electron and ion sources.

The company has been active on the market since 1990.

Authorized service partner


Company headquarters : Battle Ground, WA, USA

Our service portfolio

As an authorized service partner of Telemark, DREEBIT GmbH carries out maintenance and repairs on cryogenerators (cold traps) from Telemark.

Maintenance and commissioning of Water Vapor Cryotraps (cold traps), e.g.   TVP1000,   TVP2000,   TVP3500, TVP3600.


According to EG-VO 842/2006, refrigeration systems with more than 3 kg of refrigerant are subject to an annual leak test, which applies to all TVP systems from Telemark. This obligation exists for the system operator.

Leak tests and all other work that requires intervention in the refrigerant circuit must be carried out by an expert who can prove a valid certification according to Category I according to Regulation (EC) 303/2008.

Appropriately qualified employees of Dreebit GmbH are available for you.