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Pfeiffer Vacuum

Pfeiffer Vacuum


The company was founded by Arthur Pfeiffer in Wetzlar in 1890. In 1908 he invented the oil air pump. By 1926, Pfeiffer had advanced to become a successful vacuum technology company. In 1958 the turbo-molecular pump (turbo pump) was also invented, its share of the group turnover today is more than 40%, here the company is the world market leader. In 1969 the company, which had been extended until then, became part of the Liechtenstein Balzers Group. 1974 Issued the move from Wetzlar to neighboring Aßlar.

Authorized service partner

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Company headquarters : Aßlar

Pfeiffer Vacuum Gmbh

Our service portfolio

As an authorized service partner of Pfeiffer Vacuum, DREEBIT GmbH carries out maintenance, repairs and cleaning of backing pumps, high vacuum pumps, electronics and measurement technology, valves and leak detectors from Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH.

Our service employees regularly take part in training and qualification measures and are in close contact with the manufacturer.

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