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Competence center for mass spectrometry and Helium leak detection

Maintenance and repair as well as values adjustment with standardized testing equipment

Service of leak detectors

DREEBIT has become a manufacturer independent competence center for repair and maintenance of leak detectors. Our offer includes basic checkup, cleaning and decontamination, repair and maintenance as well as adjustment and calibration.

Depending on the availability of spare parts, DREEBIT offers repairs to devices which are no longer maintained by the manufacturer (Out-of-Service).


custom leak detection systems

From mobile measuring stations to complete system integration: DREEBIT is a competent partner for customer specific solutions in the field of manual or (semi-)automated leak detection. Our services include:

  • Consulting and process optimization
  • Design of vacuum systems
  • Integration into (semi-) automated production lines
  • Storage and evaluation of measurement data for quality assurance
  • Custom software for controlling the measurement sequences
  • Changeover to various test items
  • Remote maintenance and monitoring

leak detection as a service

Our experienced service technicians and engineers will gladly support you in finding leakiness in your vacuum systems.

We offer both leak detection as a service by our experts as well as various helium leak detectors for rent.


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