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Service for high vacuum pumps

Maintenance, Repair and Replacement of Turbomolecular pumps and Ion getter pumps of various manufacturers

High Vacuum

High vacuum pumps generate pressures down to 1x10E-10 mbar and below in the high and ultra high vacuum range.  

Common types of generating high and ultra high vacuum conditions are turbomolecularpumps, cryopumps or ion-getter pumps.


Turbomolecular pumps

Maintenance and repair of mechanically or magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps of various manufacturers (i.a. Pfeiffer Vacuum und Leybold Vacuum).

  • Authorized service partner of Pfeiffer Vacuum
  • Vibration and run-up analysis of turbomolecular pumps and fast rotating systems
  • Balancing turbomolecular pumps

Ion getter pumps

Maintenance and repair of ion getter pums of various manufacturers, e.g.:

  • Varian (VacIon, VacIon Plus 150, VacIon Plus 300, StarCell)
  • Agilent (VacIon Plus 20, VacIon Plus 150, VacIon Plus 300, VacIon Plus 500, StarCell)
  • Gamma Vacuum (Ion Pump CV 300 T, Ion Pump 300 TV)



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